There are two types of Marketplace. An Account Marketplace has a built-in API account that all users use to access the Marketplace. A User Marketplace needs you to create separate user profiles for each user in your Cyclr account.

You need an Integrations button in your application’s interface to allow your users to view a marketplace and install templates.

  1. Make the following request from your application server to the Cyclr REST API’s /v1.0/accounts/{id}/marketplace endpoint to get a Marketplace URL.
  2. Direct the user to the URL in their web browser.

For more information about this endpoint, see the Interactive API reference page.

Note: If you deploy a Marketplace, you can see an API User in your Cyclr console. The API User has access to the account, but can’t sign in to the Cyclr interface.

Deploy Marketplace request

curl -X POST
-H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-H "Accept: application/json"

-d '{
    "MarketplaceId": {MarketplaceId},
    "AccountName": "{CyclrAccountName}",
    "ConnectorAuthentications": {
        "Name": "{ExampleConnector}",
        "Version": "{VersionNumber}",
	    "AuthenticationId": "{AuthenticationId}",
        "AuthValue": "{AuthenticationValue}",
        "Properties": [{"Name": "{Url}", "Value": "{}"}]
}' "https://{CyclrAPIDomain}/v1.0/accounts/{AccountId}/marketplace

Note: Pass all ConnectorAuthentications property values as strings, even if they’re numbers.


Request parameter Type Description
{access_token} string Enter your Access Token to authenticate the Cyclr API.
{CyclrAPIDomain} string Specify your API domain according to the location of your Cyclr console. If your Cyclr instance is self-hosted, this value is your own domain.
MarketplaceID integer Identify the marketplace to show.
InlineOAuth Boolean, optional Set to true to open all redirect pages inline with the webpage. If you run Marketplace in a HTML iframe, set this parameter to false to open OAuth redirect pages as a popup.
AccountName string, optional Name the account if you create a new account.
AccountDescription string, optional Provide a description of the account.
ConnectorAuthentications array, optional Use connector authentication to avoid the need for your users to authenticate against your platform.
Name string Name the instance of your connector in the account.
Version string Specify the version of the partner connector that you install. For example, 1.0.
AuthenticationId string Identify the connector authentication method you want to use.
AuthValue string If your platform needs a username and password, provide a base64 encoded version of "username:password". You can also use an OAuth token, or provided API keys as plain text.
Properties Array, optional Provide properties that some partner connectors need to successfully install.
AccountId string Specify to Cyclr which account to use. If an account with this ID doesn’t exist, Cyclr creates a new account using this value.
CompleteParameter A custom value be included in the Marketplace webhook callback.

Deploy Marketplace response

    "MarketplaceUrl": "{MarketplaceUrl}",
    "AccountId": "{AccountId}",
    "Token": "{UrlToken}",
    "ExpiresAtUtc": "{DateTimeValue}"


Response Field Description
AccountId Provides the ID of either the new account, or the account that you specified in the request.
ExpiresAtUtc Displays when the Token and MarketplaceUrl expires.
MarketplaceUrl Provides the URL you can send your user to. This URL expires five minutes Cyclr generates it or when the user accesses it.
Token Provides the Marketplace URL token.

Deploy a user Marketplace

To deploy a user Marketplace, you can make the same request to the the Cyclr REST API’s POST /v1.0/users/marketplace endpoint. For more information about the endpoint, see the Interactive API reference page.

To create the account, you need to pass two extra parameters in the request:

Request parameter Type Description
Username string Identify the user’s account.
Password string Authenticate the user’s account.