Partner Setup

Register with MYOB

The first thing to do - unless you already have a my.MYOB account - is to register for MYOB AccountRight Live API access by clicking the Register for API Access button. This requires completing a form then waiting on a confirmation email from MYOB. It shouldn’t take more than 24 hours for this to arrive and will enable you to sign in to my.MYOB.

Creating an MYOB App

Once you’re in my.MYOB, you can create an App within the Developer Dashboard to retrieve the neccessary authentication details required to allow Cyclr to access MYOB AccountRight Live’s API.

The official MYOB AccountRight Live documentation for creating an App can be found here under the “Access the API via the cloud” heading.

MYOB Account Right App Setup

The Redirect Uri value should be set to contain the URL hosting your enduser Accounts:

https://[Console Service Domain]/connector/callback

For example:

Once you’ve created your MYOB App, you’ll be able to see its Key and Secret values which are used as the OAuth Client ID and Client Secret, respectively.

MYOB Account Right App OAuth details

In your Cyclr Partner Console, go to the Connectors menu then Connector Library, click the green Setup button for the MYOB AccountRight Live Connector and paste those details in there.

Your end users will now be able to install the Connector into their Cyclr Accounts.


For Cyclr to be able to access a user’s MYOB Company File, the default Administrator user must exist with a blank password. If this isn’t the case, then Cyclr won’t be able to access it.

Selecting an MYOB Company File

Once the Connector has been installed, the Company File is selected through a Step’s Setup popup in the Cycle Builder.

Alternatively, when creating a Template for integrating with MYOB that you wish to make available to your users, you can use a Cycle-level Variable in your Template and reference that in each MYOB Step, giving yourself a single location to set or update it.

When installing the Template through the Cyclr API, after the MYOB AccountRight Live Connector has been installed and authenticated, you can then manually call the Get Files Method (see here) to show a list of Company Files to the user, allow them to select one, then set that in the Template.

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