Neo4j Connector

You need the following details to setup the Neo4j connector in Cyclr:

  • An AuraDB or self-hosted Neo4j Database.
  • A Username and Password of a user assigned to that Database.
  • The corresponding “neo4j+s” address. Example: “neo4j+s://”
  • We officially support Neo4j version 4.0 or greater.

Cyclr Setup

A Neo4j Connector within Cyclr required the following values during the setup phase:

Username: The username attached to your Neo4j instance.

Password: The password attached to your Neo4j instance.

Base URL: The connection URL for your Neo4j Instance, it must use the ‘neo4j+s’ protocol, not HTTP.

Database: The name of the Database within your Neo4j instance you wish to connect to.

You can connect 1 Database to a neo4j connector. If you wish to use multiple databases, you will need to install multiple connectors.