Filtering Objects

The “List” methods, which return multiple items when run, can be filtered to match specified criteria using the following Fields:

  • Field *required: is the field in the NetSuite object you wish to filter on for example “name”.
  • Operator *required: is the operation you wish to run against the field e.g. “is”, “greaterthan”, “contains”. See the table below for an extensive list of operators and field types against which they can be used.
  • Value *optional: is the value against which the fields will be compared using the Operator value.

Multiple Filter Conditions

Sometimes you may need to use more than one filter condition. To do this you’ll need to use some Script in the NetSuite Step to add them in. In the Builder, click the Step Setup button on the NetSuite Step, then choose Advanced Settings and enter Script similar to this:

function before_action() {
    // Adding a second filter:
    method_request_parameters.filter_field_2 = 'fieldA';
    method_request_parameters.filter_op_2 = 'equalto';
    method_request_parameters.filter_val_2 = 'somevalue';

    // Adding a third filter:
    // (this one doesn't require a `Value` property as it uses the "isnotempty" Operator)
    method_request_parameters.filter_field_3 = 'fieldB';
    method_request_parameters.filter_op_3 = 'isnotempty';

    return true;

These are the Script properties to use for each filter:


You can add any number of filter conditions using Script as you require. Just be sure that the numbers on the end of the properties are consecutive, without any breaks. If you add properties for “…_2”, “…_3”, skip 4 and add them for “…_5”, your fifth condition will be ignored.

NOTE: In the “List” methods you can opt to skip the filters in the connector parameters and simply define all of your filters in script. To do this you will need to start the script parameters from “…_1” e.g. method_request_parameters.filter_field_1. However, the “Get New/Updated” methods’ script parameters must always be set from “…_2”, as the first set are already defined by the step itself.

Operators and Valid Field Types

Search Operator List/Record Currency, Decimal Number, Time of Day Date Check Box Document, Image Email Address, Free-Form Text, Long Text, Password, Percent, Phone Number, Rich Text, Text Area, Multi Select
after     X        
allof             X
any   X       X  
anyof X       X   X
before     X        
between   X          
contains           X  
doesnotcontain           X  
doesnotstartwith           X  
equalto   X   X   X  
greaterthan   X          
greaterthanorequalto   X          
haskeywords           X  
is       X   X  
isempty   X X     X  
isnot           X  
isnotempty   X X     X  
lessthan   X          
lessthanorequalto   X          
noneof X       X   X
notafter     X        
notallof             X
notbefore     X        
notbetween   X          
notequalto   X          
notgreaterthan   X          
notgreaterthanorequalto   X          
notlessthan   X          
notlessthanorequalto   X          
noton     X        
notonorafter     X        
notonorbefore     X        
notwithin     X        
on     X        
onorafter     X        
onorbefore     X        
startswith           X  
within     X        
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