For connectors that require your user to be taken through an OAuth flow.

Connectors using OAuth require that the user goes through a webflow where they are sent to the third party application to sign in and grant access to Cyclr.

This process is simpler than it sounds.

First of all an Account Sign-In Token needs to be generated for the User see below.

POST /v1.0/accounts/tokens
Authorization: Bearer 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


    "Token": "ABCD12340000000000000=",
    "ExpiresAtUtc": "2017-12-08T11:02:48.7436471Z"

The user should then be sent, in their browser, to: \ https://[Partner Service Domain]/connectorauth/updateaccountconnectoroauth?id={Account Connector ID}&token={Account Sign-In Token}


The following query string parameters can also be included:

token The account sign-in token generated above.
Example: ABCD12340000000000000=
targetOrigin Either the origin of the other window for the JavaScript callback event to be dispatched or a URL to redirect the user to after the OAuth authentication is completed.
callbackMessage Callback message to be sent by JavaScript postMessage to the parent window, don’t include if using redirect.
Example: done

Remember to URL encode all parameter values.

Cyclr redirects the user to the appropriate sign in page in the target application, captures the OAuth tokens generated by that app, and stores it internally. Token refresh is handled automatically.

On completion they will be either redirected to targetOrigin or the JavaScript message specified by the callbackMessage will be posted to the parent window to notify the host app that the authentication flow has completed.

Step Setup
API Key Authentication
HTTP Basic Authentication

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