Typically, each of your customers have their own Cyclr account where you can keep their data and integrations separate from your other customers’ data.

For information on how to create and configure accounts via the Cyclr API, go to the API section of this page.

Create an account

To create a new Cyclr account from the console, go to Accounts > Account Management, and select Add New Account.

Install connectors and cycles

You can install connectors and integration cycles into accounts to provide them to your customers.

Install connectors

To install a connector into an account:

  1. Find the account you want to use and select Open Account.
  2. Select Connectors in the left sidebar to switch to the Connectors tab.
  3. Select the Install New Utility or the Install New Application button depending on what you want to install.

For more information on how to install and authenticate a specific connector, see the Connector guides section.

Install cycles

To install a cycle into an account:

  1. Find the account you want to use and select Open Account.
  2. Select the Templates button to open the list of available template.
  3. Select the Use Template button on the template you want to use.

This opens the template builder so you can configure the cycle for the account, and adds the template as a cycle inside the account. When you add a cycle to an account, Cyclr automatically installs the included connectors.

Sub accounts

You can set up sub accounts within a customer account. This allows you to organize multiple related accounts, and each sub account has access to the connectors in its parent account.

For example, you could have a customer account for a bookstore chain, with a sub account for each location.

Create a sub account in the console

You can set up sub accounts from your Cyclr console:

  1. Go to Accounts > Account Management.
  2. In the Sub Accounts column of the account, select the number displayed.
  3. Select the Add New Sub Account button.

Since sub accounts function the same as main customer accounts, you can set them up in the same way.

Task usage in sub accounts

Your Cyclr console displays the task usage for each sub account in the same way as standard accounts.

Note: Sub accounts’ task usage isn’t included in their parent account’s task usage.

Manage accounts via API

Access Cyclr’s API

To make calls to the Cyclr API, you need to get an access token:

  1. Identify your Cyclr instance and find the API Domain to use in your API calls.
  2. Make an API call to get an access token.

Create an account

You can create accounts via the Cyclr API with the POST /v1.0/accounts endpoint. For more information, see the page on how to create accounts.

Create a sub account

To create a sub account, follow the same steps as on the create account page, but provide the additional ParentAccountId parameter in the request body to define which account you want to add it to:

POST /v1.0/accounts
Authorization: Bearer ****************************************************************
Content-Type: application/json

  "ParentAccountId": "ParentID",
  "Id": "Sub1ID",
  "Name": "Sub Account #1"

Install connectors and cycles

You can also use the Cyclr API to install connectors and templates into accounts as you create them so that the connectors are always available.

Note: When you install a template into an account, Cyclr automatically installs any missing connectors, so you don’t need to use API calls to add all of them.