QuickBooks Setup

To authenticate the connector you need a Client ID and Secret.

To obtain these, you will need to create a QuickBooks Online application.

Creating an App

  1. Visit https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/myapps.
  2. Click the button.
  3. Select QuickBooks Online and Payments.
  4. Give your app a name, and select Accounting from the scopes. If you are based in the US, and wish to add the Payments scope, you can add this later.
  5. Click .

    Note that there are sections here for Development and Production apps. We will be focussing on the Development app in this guide.

  6. Under Development > Keys & OAuth, you will find two important sections: the keys (Client ID and Client Secret) which you should now note down, and Redirect URIs.
  7. Under Redirect URIs, change the existing value to: https://ServiceDomain/connector/callback

    Your Cyclr service domain, e.g. yourcompany-h.cyclr.com can be found in your Cyclr Console under Settings > General Settings > Service Domain.

  8. Scroll down and click .

Setting up the connector

  1. During installation of the connector, you will be asked for Client ID and Client Secret. Give those you noted down in stage 6 of the instructions above.

  2. You will also be asked for the Base Domain. In this example, as we are working with a development app, you would give sandbox-quickbooks.api.intuit.com .

    Later, when you have your production app set up, you will enter quickbooks.api.intuit.com here.

  3. You can now to Quickbooks and your connector will be installed.

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