4th October 2021

  • API: Parameters include IsSensitive flag
  • LAUNCH/Marketplace: Can change display text used for connectors
  • Reports: Total Incident count added to Account and Cycle reports
  • Script: Execution context is available from script_execution_context
  • Templates: Template Export/Import now supports Cycle Variables

31st August 2021

  • Error Summarisation: Count errors for steps that continue on error

23rd August 2021

  • File Download/Upload for (S)FTP
  • API: New endpoint to create/update multiple cycle variables at once

16th August 2021

  • Console: New Account Connector Method Report

9th August 2021

  • Database Connectors: Support SSH tunneling

2nd August 2021

  • API: Get the sub accounts of an account
  • Connectors: Improved support for custom objects in third party APIs
  • Connectors: Improved links for non Cyclr users to authenticate connectors
  • Tagging: Tags are now case sensitive

27th July 2021

  • Builder: Display timezone with next run time
  • Builder: new system mergefields (i.e. Account ID, Account External ID, Cycle ID and Transaction ID)

19th July 2021

  • Console Templates: Allow export and import of template releases as JSON objects

12th July 2021

  • Corporate Partner: Task usage warning emails as limit approached

5th July 2021

  • Console Reports > New Account UI: Console report links use the new Console Account UI instead of behaving as a Sign In button

28th June 2021

  • Error Webhooks: Account API (External) ID included in Error Webhooks

21st June 2021

  • Builder: Can view field locations in step setup
  • Corporate Partner: Integration Reports
  • Connectors: Support for XML 1.1
  • LAUNCH/Marketplaces: Templates that cannot be setup by users will not be displayed

14th June 2021

  • Security: Enforce MFA for console administrators

7th June 2021

  • Console: New page to access and update Partner Account details and view price plan information
  • Marketplaces: Added auto-start option for integration packages

31st May 2021

  • Password Policy Update: Cyclr console administrator passwords must now be 10 characters long and contain a non-alphanumeric character
  • Builder: Improved performance in Cycle/Template builder
  • Marketplaces: Action Link, Category and Integration Packages can now have HTML in there description
  • Console Dashboard Quick Actions: Allow creating a Template or Account from the console dashboard
  • Connector > Install: Can type a value for parameters where the options provided are not applicable
  • Account > Install Template: Allows picking the account connectors to use for installed cycle
  • New account UI for console administrators

17th May 2021

  • Folder breadcrumb: added folder breadcrumb in cycle builder
  • Webhook auto update: new Webhook Update Method. Supports webhooks with expiry if created using Webhook Create Method.

4th May 2021

  • Console: Corporate edition support

26th April 2021

  • Script Engine: add method_response_parameters_in_use parameter for accessing response fields used in descendant cycle steps.

19th April 2021

  • Builder: new Run Once option in Consonle > Template > Publish Settings.
  • API: Account APIs allowed to have unset parameters.

2021 and older

For release notes before 23rd February 2021, please visit the Cyclr website.

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