Simitive ABC-HE setup

You need the following information to setup the Simitive ABC-HE connector:

  1. The API key of your Simitive ABC-HE account.

Obtain an API key

From within your Simitive ABC-HE account, navigate to the API Keys page. Here you can create and view already existing API keys associated with your account. Select Add API key to create a new API key. Select to the right of an existing API key and then Reveal Token to view an existing API key.

Cyclr setup

Account setup

You will be asked for the following values when installing the Simitive ABC-HE connector within an account:

Value Description
Domain The domain of your Simitive ABC-HE login URL. For example, if you use to sign in to your Simitive ABC-HE account, then enter the domain as
API Key The API key of your Simitive ABC-HE account.

Additional information

Custom Object (Period Version)

Use custom objects to set the Simitive ABC-HE period version per group of methods. Multiple custom objects allow multiple period versions to be set per connector installation.

Set up a custom object

This will create a new method category. Inside this category, all methods will have the same period version. To set up a custom object:

  1. Go to the Simitive ABC-HE connector Settings page:
    • For template connectors: Cyclr Console > Templates > Template Connectors > Simitive ABC-HE > Edit Connector.
    • For connectors within a cycle: Cycle Builder > Application Connectors > Simitive ABC-HE > Settings.
  2. Under the Methods and Fields heading, expand the Custom Object (Period Version) category.
  3. Select the red Copy this Category to create a Custom Object Category icon.
  4. Enter the period version into Specify object name.
  5. Select Copy.

Rename a custom object

To change the display name of a custom object method category:

  1. Expand the method category by selecting the method category name.
  2. Select the Edit this Custom Object Category icon.
  3. Move the Object Name field to the Object Value field.
  4. Change the Object Name field as required. This does not require a specific format.
  5. Select Save.
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