Partner Setup

Slack uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication so you must register your Cyclr Partner with Slack to obtain your Client ID and Client Secret values.

From click the Create an App button then enter:

  • App Name - a name for your App. This will be shown on-screen when users install the Slack Connector.
  • Development Slack Workspace - which Slack Workspace your App belongs to. This just gives it a “home” and doesn’t prevent it from being installed in other people’s workspaces.

Slack - Create an App

After you’ve created your App, set the Redirect URLs under the Add features and functionality section’s Permissions button:

Slack - Permissions

Redirect URL: you must add a callback URL to allow Intercom to be used in your Cyclr Console and its accounts.

The URL is:

  • https://{{Your Cyclr service domain e.g.}}/connector/callback

Your Cyclr Partner Service Domain can be found in your Cyclr Console under Settings > General Settings.

Once added, they should look similar to these:

Slack - Redirect URLs

Now you can retrieve your Client ID and Client Secret values by going to Basic Information on the left then scrolling down to App Credentials:

Slack - App Credentials

Finally, in your Cyclr Console go to the Connectors menu, then Connector Library and set those values from the padlock button next to Slack.

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