A static value can be set as the field mapping, a static value is a value that will never change.

This value should be obtained from your user, or automatically assigned by your application, then provided to Cyclr like below:

POST /v1.0/steps/{Step ID}/fieldmappings/{Field ID}
Authorization Bearer 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 

  "MappingType": "StaticValue",
  "Value": "MyStaticValue"


200 OK

  "Field": {
    "Id": 283792,
    "Name": "Email",
    "Description": null,
    "IsOptional": false,
    "DataType": undefined,
    "TriggerName": null,
    "Values": [],
    "DisplayOrder": 1,
    "Triggers": []
  "MappingType": "StaticValue",
  "SourceFieldId": null,
  "SourceStepId": null,
  "TriggerValue": null,
  "TriggerValueDisplayName": null,
  "Value": "MyStaticValue"

Field Mapping with Step Data
Value List Mapping
Cycle Activation

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