To stop a cycle from in an account, open the cycle and select the Stop icon.

There are two ways that you can stop an in progress integration: Stop or Finish and Stop.

Deactivate Cycle Popup


If you select Stop, any in progress transactions stop immediately and the integration stops running.

Any in-progress transactions don’t continue if you resume the cycle. Transactions that haven’t started yet do continue if you resume the cycle, unless 24 hours pass, when the integration cancels all waiting transactions.

Finish and Stop

If you select Finish and Stop, the integration waits until all of the in progress and queued transactions complete and then stops.

In progress transactions

To view your in progress and queued transactions for a cycle in an account, select View Reports.

Note: You can delete transactions from this page, but you may want to manually drop transactions to avoid potential errors with in progress transactions.

Manually drop transactions

You can stop processing in progress or queued transactions for an integration:

  1. Select Stop to stop the integration immediately.
  2. Select Copy Workflow to make a copy of the integration cycle.
  3. Delete the original integration cycle, which also deletes all existing transactions.

The new copy of the integration cycle doesn’t have any existing transactions.