You can test individual authenticated steps in your integration from the template builder. To test a step, select the Test Step play icon on the step.

Test steps

Test a step with test data

You only need to enter test data for fields that don’t have hard coded values, such as fields with sources from previous steps:

  1. Make sure you map the required fields for the step you want to test.
  2. Select the Test Step button and enter some test data in the dialogue that opens.
  3. Select the Run button to see the test output.

Test a trigger step

You can also test trigger steps to make sure that they can retrieve the right data from the third party application.

The test output might only return a section of the data, usually the first page. Trigger steps that get new or updated records always return data for you to review, but if there are no new or updated records, Cyclr returns an empty object.

Note: You need to authenticate the application connector to obtain data from the third party application.

Run a Template

To test your template integration before you publish it, select Run > Run Once in the top bar of the template builder.