Cyclr’s interactive API references can be used to try things out, and to help you while testing and creating your own native deployment or working with data on demand.

API Reference Location

Depending on where your Cyclr Console is hosted, you’ll need to use the appropriate reference:

Cyclr Console Location Documentation link US API Reference UK API Reference EU API Reference

API Reference Authorization

Use your Cyclr account details to authenticate and work with all API endpoints directly within the API reference documentation.

To authenticate, expand any endpoint and click the “OFF” slider, then enter your details:

Property Description Example
Username The username you use to signin to Cyclr
Password The password for your user Pa$$word
Type Must be Request body Request body
ClientID The Client ID for your partner, can be found in the console abc123defg
Secret This should be left blank  

The Cyclr API is divided into two parts, the Partner Level and the Account Level, you can use the same OAuth token for both but account level methods require that the X-Cyclr-Account header is included with the request.

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