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28th April 2023

  • Console: Improved paging for installed accounts in the console.

  • API: Ensured that the API returns the correct field mappings for custom/copied method categories.

  • Performance: Improved 429 HTTP response handling.

  • Connectors: Made sure that you can delete dynamic custom fields in the console.

  • Accounts: Removed case sensitivity from the console User Management search.

  • Partners: Included connector release version definitions when you export a template. Made sure that Cyclr installs connector versions which do not exist on the instance/partner when you import a template. Ensured that the imported template method steps’ connector versions are identical to the source template.

  • LAUNCH: Added template ID, template release ID and template tag properties to the LAUNCH callback result object.

  • Marketplace: Ensured that querystring parameters work as expected to allow authentication.

  • Marketplace: Added the CompleteParameter parameter as a custom value included in Marketplace webhook callback.

  • Template builder: Ensured that you can configure cycle steps to use authentication values that are obtained externally.

  • Documentation: Added a Help button to the documentation site to contact the support team.

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