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30th June 2023

  • Accounts: Made variable descriptions visible in account cycles.

  • API: Fixed formatting of the API Report page for long request body strings.

  • API: Updated jQuery.Validation from 1.19.2 to 1.19.5.

  • Connectors: Ensured that you can authenticate native connectors via the UI.

  • Connectors: Set a release notes template for new connectors and new connector drafts.

  • Connectors: Changed modal title from Display Field to Connector Field in the Request Format/Response Format tabs when you edit a connector method.

  • Dashboard: Updated the Console’s featured blog post.

  • Security: Made sure to redact sensitive values in the message when the script engine throws a JavaScript exception.

  • Templates: Included the MethodUniqueIdentifier for a step in the step setup’s Advanced Settings.

  • Templates: Added support for square brackets in a Field Location to indicate a name.

  • Templates: Ensured that step request arrays contain all items.

  • Templates: Improved the performance of the template builder.

2nd June 2023

  • Connectors: Ensured that the padlock icon in the Connector Library appears closed when you fill all of the required authentication fields and appears open if not.

  • Dashboard: Fixed the account reports so they show the correct values.

  • Partners: Included incidents in task overages.

  • Performance: Improved function of field mapping for cycles with slow bandwidth.

  • LAUNCH: Made sure that when someone cancels an install, LAUNCH redirects them to the LAUNCH modal with the tags and other query parameters from the original LAUNCH URL.

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