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27th November 2023


Removal of internal actions for stopped Cycles

Stopped Cycles would continue to log start actions, which isn’t necessary.

User Configurable Field Mappings correctly preserved when upgrading a Cycle to the latest version

In some situations, an upgraded Cycle would lose the previously set User Configurable mappings.

Console Dashboard Task Usage chart not matching Task Usage reporting

Charts that display date related data now interpret the dates as UTC, rather than the browser's local time zone.

20th November 2023


Connector delete confirmation now always shown

Wasn’t shown if a large number of Cycles were using a Connector.

Example Request Object button now shows all fields for Custom Categories' Methods

The View Example Request Object button on the Connector Settings page previously only showed built-in fields for these Methods.

DateTime values in Request parameters now formatted as ISO 8601 values

When inserted into Requests as Mergefields in URLs, QueryString values, or HTTP Headers, DateTime values were previously formatted as DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss, but are now formatted as YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ.

7th November 2023


Active Connector definition changed in Partner Console

The definition of an “Active Connector" has been changed to include one that’s used solely through its Methods being called via the Cyclr API.

Step Setup Mappings show 50 fields/page

Implemented paging within the Step Setup popup as some Methods may have hundreds of fields defined on them.

LAUNCH updated to correctly identify missing Required fields

It was previously possible to ignore LAUNCH’s errors when Required fields weren’t provided.

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