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30th January 2024


Cyclr API - Connector Custom Object Category Methods are now accessible and can be called directly

Connector Methods created for Custom Object Categories can now be retrieved through the Cyclr API and can also be called using the “Cyclr as a Proxy” feature.

Builder - canvas edge shown when dragging in a new Method or moving a Step

This makes it easy to identify the working area within the Builder when dragging in a new Method.

Builder > Step Setup - using the LastSuccessfulRunDate Mergefield now shows the “Get new data since” date/time selector

Using the LastSuccessfulRunDate Mergefield didn’t originally expose the selector.

Builder > Step Setup - changing a mapping from “Type a Value” back to Ignore is retained

Changing a Mapping from “Type a Value” then back to Ignore is now saved.

Builder > Step Errors/Warnings popups - improved handling of long incident messages

The popup now allows scrolling both horizontally and vertically to allow viewing of text that isn’t wrapped.

Importing Custom Connectors and Templates - can upload files

When importing a Custom Connector or a Template, there was only the option to paste in the content. Now you can upload the .json files.

22nd January 2024


Connectors > Script Testing tool - side navigation collapses to allow more working space

Builder > Step Setup - changes to which Tools' Step Descriptions can be modified

Builder > Step Setup - paging controls for Mappings are now hidden when not needed

16th January 2024


Builder > Step Setup popup - wasn’t registering when connection had been lost

Builder > Step Setup popup - Close button was missing for Webhook Steps

Console User Permissions - resolved some initial issues

Connector Building - able to send a multipart HTTP Request with different Content-Type headers

Connector Building - searching added to more dropdowns

Account > Connectors > Settings page - testing Methods within a Sub Account previously failed

Account > Connectors - Console Users can directly delete Connectors marked as Native

Previously, if a Template Connector was marked as Native and installed into an Account, it could not be deleted through Cyclr’s interface, but would need its flag cleared through a Cyclr API call first.

9th January 2024


Console Administrators can now be given specific permissions

“Console Administrators” have changed to “Console Users” and can now either have Full Access (which gives them the same access to a Partner Console as before this update) or can be given specific permissions to view/edit/manage only certain areas.

Transaction Incidents can be marked as “read”, rather than deleted

Previously Incidents (Step Errors and Step Warnings) could only be deleted to remove their red/yellow icons from Steps within the Builder. Doing that would also remove their entries from their Transactions. Now they can instead be marked as “read” which removes their red/yellow icons on Steps, but keeps their entries within their Transactions.

Handling of Amazon Seller’s custom OAuth flow

Cyclr can now handle the Amazon Seller API’s custom OAuth implementation.


Builder > Variables - mappings reset on Steps

Visiting a Template/Cycle’s “Settings” would previously unset their mappings on Steps.

Builder > Step Setup Popups - Initialisation

When displaying a Step’s “Step Setup” popup, you could sometimes briefly see a previously viewed Step’s settings before the current Step’s were then displayed.

Builder > Step Setup Popups - Scrolling

Step Setup popups sometimes wouldn’t scroll fully.

Builder > Step Setup Popups - Type a Value text not always fully saved

When using a Type a Value mapping and entering text into it, occasionally the end of the text wouldn’t be saved.

Builder > Script - returning NaN or Infinity in a Response caused a Step Error

NaN and Infinity are now handled correctly when included in a Response.

Custom Connectors > search added for Custom Field Lookup Method

When working on a Custom Connector, you can now search for the Custom Field Lookup Method in the Request and Response Format sections. Useful if your Connector has many Methods to scroll through.

Marketplaces > IDs now visible

The interface now includes a column showing the IDs of your Marketplaces on the list page.

Marketplaces > performance improvements

The speed that pages load when editing a Marketplace has been increased by changing when images are retrieved.

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