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23rd April 2024


Console > Template Export - only include mapped Custom Fields

When exporting a Template, only Custom Fields which are mapped within the Template are included.

Console > Template Import - resolved an issue when Template contained new Connectivity Tools

If a Template used one of the Connectivity Tools (Event Triggers or Template Linking), previously an error would be encountered when importing it into a Console.

Console > Templates - new Template Release would reset Last Successful Run Date of Cycles

When upgrading a Cycle to the latest version, the Last Successful Date of its Steps is now preserved.

Console > Custom Connectors - deleting a Release could also remove Steps from integrations

Resolved an issue where deleting a Release of a Custom Connector could in certain situations also remove Steps from integrations.

Console > Custom Connectors - can ignore authentication when required at the Method-level

Some APIs have endpoints that fail if authentication details are included in the Request so a new “Ignore Authentication?” option has been added when editing the Methods of a Custom Connector.

9th April 2024


Builder - Steps dropped on Tools area no longer added to integration

A recent modification increased the size of the Builder’s canvas area, but resulted in being able to add Steps when dropping them back into the Tools area. That’s since been corrected so dropping in the Tools area doesn’t add the Step.

Builder > Switch Step - adding same link to Switch Step prevented loading

If a Template or Cycle was opened in 2 browser windows at the same time and a link to the same Case of a Switch Step was set in each, that previously prevented the Builder from loading the integration.

Template Importing - no longer adds a visible Connector

When importing a Template that uses a Quick Connector’s HTTP Request Step, a visible Connector for that Step was being added.

Console > Settings > Console Users Notifications - issue resolved with Authentication Errors

Notification emails are now sent to Console Users with Notifications enabled when an error is encountered relating to a Connector’s authentication.

2nd April 2024


Webhooks - added support for Azure Event Grid/CloudEvents

Azure Event Grid uses an HTTP OPTIONS Request to confirm calls will be accepted by a webhook URL. Cyclr’s Webhooks now respond to those Requests.

Cyclr API > setting Field Mappings - can now set multiple in a single call

Previously, only a single Field Mapping on a Step could be set using this endpoint:
PUT /v1.0/steps/{id}/fieldmappings/{fieldId}
A new endpoint has been added that allows multiple on a Step to be set in a single call, to reduce calls and time:
PUT /v1.0/steps/{id}/fieldmappings


Cyclr API > “Get Account Usage” endpoint - includes Incidents count

The Cyclr API GET v1.0/accounts/{id}/usage endpoint now includes an Incidents property that exposes the total number of Incidents for an Account in the billing month returned.

Cyclr API > “Get Method” endpoint - more efficient

The GET /v1.0/methods/{id} endpoint has been improved internally to return faster.

Cyclr API > Calling Connector Methods - improvements when encountering errors

When a Connector Method failed with an error, that was previously returned in the Response as an unstructured string. Now Cyclr’s API returns a JSON object.

Cyclr API > Calling Connector Methods - file passing resulted in incorrect Content-Type

Previously, when sending a Base64 encoded file through the Cyclr API as part of calling a Connector Method, an incorrect Content-Type would be set.

Webhook Responses - selecting appropriate Content-Type

If a Request was made to a Cyclr Webhook Step without an “Accept” header, previously it could cause the Response to be invalid. Now Cyclr will use the “Accept” header if one’s provided, else the Type set on the Webhook Method.

Cycle Execution - better handling of errors relating to Int64 conversions

Cyclr now provides more information when an integer value is encountered that cannot be converted to an Int64 value.

Builder > Switch Tool - references now updated when source Step upgraded

Switch Steps are updated when a Step it references is upgraded.

Custom Connectors > Authentication - extended support for Client Certificates

All Connector Authentication Types now support the use of Client Certificates.

Custom Connectors > Scripting - extended OAuth2 refresh event functions

The oauth2_before_refresh and oauth2_after_refresh Scripting functions can now access action_data and script_parameters objects to allow sharing of data between them.

Console > Permissions - access to API Report

Console Users must now have the “OAuth Client Credentials - View” Permission to access the Reports > API Report.

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