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Connector Authentication Link

If you require one of your customers to authenticate an account connector, but they don’t have access to Cyclr and don’t want to share their credentials with you, you can use a connector authentication link and token.

This is an emailable link and token that allows your customer to access an area of Cyclr where they can only authenticate a specific account connector.

  1. Go to the account that contains the connector you require your customer to authenticate.

  2. Open the Connectors menu.

  3. Select Edit Connector next to the connector to be authenticated.

  4. Select Generate Setup Token.

    • Tokens you generate here expire after 5 minutes by default. If you wish, you can set a longer expiration using the date picker.

  5. Select Generate to see the token and a link to a web page where your user can enter it.

The token generated here can only be used once so you may need to go through these steps again if your customer starts but doesn’t complete the authentication.

If you need to authenticate more than one account connector, you can generate and send multiple setup tokens to your customer, but they should authenticate each connector before they move on to the next.

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