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Counter Storage

Using Utility Connectors counts toward your overall Connector and Task Usage.


The Counter Storage Connectors allow you to store multiple “counters”, perhaps indicating the number of times a particular item has been processed or an event has occurred.

Counters are identified by a “Counter Name” (a unique key value) and hold a single numeric value called “Amount”.

You can use the Increment Counter and Decrement Counter Methods to modify a counter’s value without first having to retrieve it. This avoids the potential race-condition that can occur if you were to use other Storage Connectors for this purpose.

2 Counter Storage Connectors are available:

  • Cycle Counter Storage: counters stored by this Connector are only accessible from within the Cycle that created them.

  • Global Counter Storage: counters stored by this Connector are accessible throughout the Account it’s installed in.

Additional Information

  • The Counter Name must be unique.

  • The Amount will default to 1 if not specified in an Increment or Decrement operation.

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