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Create a Custom Connector

With certain Cyclr price plans, it is possible to create Custom Connectors. These connectors are private to the Partner Organisation that created them.

Connector Basics

A connector may have various Releases. When you add a new connector only certain basic naming details are entered. The main details of the specification of the connector are provided at the connector release level. A connector can have only one ‘live’ release and there may be previous deprecated versions.

There may also be a ‘draft’ release which is a pending update or extension to the connector. Pushing the draft release live will cause the current live release to become deprecated.

When a release is pushed live this might be done as a Major release which will cause an ‘update available’ message to appear on all Steps in templates and live integrations using the connector. A Major release should generally be used when existing methods need to be updated. A Minor release can be used when there are no changes being made (or only very minor ones) to existing methods, or when new methods are being added.

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