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Data Storage


“Storage connectors” can be installed multiple times, and each instance will have its own associated data set. When a connector is installed, it is advisable to set its name to reflect how it will be used.

For Global Data Storage and Global Object Storage connectors, a maximum of 1,000,000 items can be stored by each.
For Cycle Data Storage and Cycle Object Storage connectors, a maximum of 1,000,000 items can be stored by each Cycle that uses them. Each Cycle can only access its own data, however.

Data is stored as Key/Value pairs.

Keys cannot exceed 128 characters.
Values cannot exceed 1,024 characters.

Single Record Operations

Set a Value

This will create a Key/Value pair if the Key does not already exist. If it does exist, the current Value will be updated to the new Value you provide. This behaves as an Upsert

Append Value

If the supplied Key value already exists, then the new Value you provided will be appended to the current value. If the Key does not exist, a new entry is created.

Get a Value

The Value field is returned for the specified Key.

Delete Key

Deletes a Key/Value Pair

Data Set Operations

Get All Vales

This will return all the records in the data set. A subsequent step in an Integration Cycle might then iterate through each Key/Value pair.

Delete All Keys

This will remove all the entries in the data set.

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