Xero (OAuth2.0)

Partner Setup

In order to install a Xero (OAuth2.0) Connector, you must first create a Xero OAuth 2.0 App in Xero’s Developer portal.


When creating your Xero App, you will need to provide your Cyclr Partner Service Domain so it’s best to have that information to hand before you begin.

This is specific to your instance of Cyclr and can be found in your Cyclr Partner Console under Settings > General Settings > Service Domain.

Your Cyclr Partner may have been setup with a default Service Domain, but this can be changed if you would prefer to remove mentions of ‘cyclr’ from it. Contact Support for more.

Creating a Xero App

Go to https://developer.xero.com/myapps to create a Xero OAuth 2.0 App in Xero.

Click the New app button in the top right to see a form similar to this:

Leave the grant type as “Auth code” and complete the rest of the fields.

For the OAuth 2.0 redirect URI, enter your Cyclr Service Domain in this format:

https://[Your Cyclr Service Domain]/connector/callback

After successfully submitting the form, you’ll see an OAuth 2.0 credentials section.

Click the Generate a secret option to create a new Client Secret:

You should now take your Client ID and Client Secret values and store them in your Cyclr Console against the Xero (OAuth2.0) entry.

Cyclr Setup

From your Cyclr Console, click the Connectors option along the top then Application Connector Library, find Xero (OAuth2.0) - you may need to use the Search box to locate it - then click the Padlock button and paste and save your values there.

If you are a Xero Partner, you can also provide your User-Agent string, othewise leave it blank.

You should now be able to successfully install a Xero (OAuth2.0) Connector.

At this point it would be a good idea to install a Connector and run a test against one of the Methods, just to make sure the authentication process has been completed successfully.

Payroll Sections

Xero has separate API’s for each separate payroll APIs for the Australian, UK and New Zealand markets. We have seperated payroll within the connector. You need to ensure that the client only uses the payroll section related to their login, all other sections are common.  i.e. If the users system payroll is Australia they should only use the payroll methods under the Payroll - AU Section.

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