Partner Setup

This document explains how to setup access to Zoho and to install the Zoho CRM Connector.

OAuth Setup

You’ll need to register your Cyclr Partner with Zoho by creating a “Client” in your Zoho API Console.

Zoho’s own documentation on this can be found here

  • When asked which Client Type you wish to create, choose “Server-based Application”.

  • Enter an Authorized Redirect URI using this format:

https://{{Your Cyclr Service Domain}}/connector/callback


You can find your Service Domain within your Cyclr Console from the Settings menu then General Settings.

Connector Setup

Once you have your Client ID and Client Secret from Zoho, go to your Cyclr Console then Connectors > Application Connector Library, search for Zoho CRM, click the Padlock button next to it and set them so they’re used when installing the Connector.


The scopes are defaulted to “ZohoCRM.modules.ALL,ZohoCRM.users.ALL,,ZohoCRM.settings.roles.ALL”, however you can enter your own scopes if you wish to restrict the connectors access further.

See Zoho’s documentation here on available scopes.

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