Getting started with Cyclr

Learn about how Cyclr works, the assets available to you, and the initial configuration settings to get started with Cyclr so you can create your own integrations.

Embedding Cyclr

Cyclr is built to deliver integrations directly from within your application, so we have several ways you can surface and customize Cyclr and provide a consistent experience to your users.


Cyclr's connectors allow you to create integrations with your application in our low-code environment. Every connector is different, with some requiring particular steps to set up. which is why we have a full range of setup guides to help you on your integration journey.

The Cyclr APIs

Cyclr can be driven completely via our API so developers have a consistent way of working with hundreds of applications, regardless of their individual differences and standards. You can use the Cyclr API to bring external data into your application or to provide new, bespoke ways to deploy integrations for your users.