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Map parameters

Step Parameters are passed as a header or part of the URL (hostname, path, or query string parameters) to the third party API endpoint.

Get parameter details

For each Missing parameter mapping returned by the step prerequisites request:


    GET /v1.0/steps/{Step ID}/parameters/{Parameter ID}
    Authorization Bearer 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    X-Cyclr-Account: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000


        "Parameter": {
            "Id": 16017,
            "Name": "List ID",
            "Description": "Select a List.",
            "IsOptional": false,
            "DataType": "Undefined",
            "TriggerName": "Lookup List",
            "Values": [],
            "DisplayOrder": 1,
            "Triggers": [{
                "AccountConnectorId": 36329,
                "MethodId": 36666,
                "Name": "Lookup List",
                "HumanReadableKey": "[lists].name",
                "IdentifierKey": "[lists].id",
                "SubTriggers": [],
                "EntityId": 16017
        "IsEntityIdentifier": false,
        "MappingType": null,
        "SourceFieldId": null,
        "SourceStepId": null,
        "TriggerValue": null,
        "TriggerValueDisplayName": null,
        "Value": null

In the example above, the Triggers array provides directions as to the source of valid values.

In this example the method 36666 of Account Connector 36329 should be called, with the [lists].name values presented to the user for selection and the [lists].id value used as the actual parameter value.

Retrieve values

Values can be retrieved from the trigger by calling the identified trigger method like below:


    GET /v1.0/account/connectors/36329/methods/36666
    Authorization Bearer 2890edffcb964e8aab038cf4efc340ab62a4f604bd5a41369654086f5bd25519
    X-Cyclr-Account: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000


        "lists": [{
            "id": "a78f86e7d7",
            "web_id": 227621,
            "name": "Newsletter Subscribers",
            "contact": {
                "company": "Acme Inc",
                "address1": "1 Commercial Road",
                "address2": "",
                "city": "Eastbourne",
                "state": "East Sussex",
                "zip": "BN21 3XQ",
                "country": "GB",
                "phone": "+44 (0)330 354 2525"
            "permission_reminder": "You are receiving this email as a subscriber to our regular newsletters. If you unsubscribe you will miss important news and announcements.",
            "use_archive_bar": true,
            "campaign_defaults": {
                "from_name": "Acme Inc",
                "from_email": "",
                "subject": "",
                "language": "en"
            "notify_on_subscribe": "",
            "notify_on_unsubscribe": "",
            "date_created": "2016-08-22T09:46:58+00:00",
            "list_rating": 0,
            "email_type_option": false,
            "subscribe_url_short": "",
            "subscribe_url_long": "",
            "beamer_address": "",
            "visibility": "pub",
            "modules": [],
            "stats": {
                "member_count": 723,
                "unsubscribe_count": 12,
                "cleaned_count": 0,
                "member_count_since_send": 2,
                "unsubscribe_count_since_send": 0,
                "cleaned_count_since_send": 0,
                "campaign_count": 2,
                "campaign_last_sent": "",
                "merge_field_count": 2,
                "avg_sub_rate": 0,
                "avg_unsub_rate": 0,
                "target_sub_rate": 0,
                "open_rate": 100,
                "click_rate": 100,
                "last_sub_date": "2016-08-22T11:36:09+00:00",
                "last_unsub_date": ""
            "_links": []

This response can then be used to present the user with valid options.

In this example there is a single value to present to the user, Newsletter Subscribers, with a corresponding value to pass to Cyclr as the parameter value, a78f86e7d7.

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