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GoTo Webinar


This guide explains how to obtain authentication details from GoTo Webinar, as well as installing a GoTo Webinar Connector.

Setup & Authentication

Remote Setup in GoTo Webinar - performed by your customer

  • To use GoTo Webinar your customer needs to register for a LogMeIn GoToDeveloper account.

  • In the account, they create an OAuth client and provide a redirect URI.
    This will be your Cyclr Partner Console’s Callback URL.

  • In Scopes, check the box with ‘GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or GoToTraining’.

  • When complete, they must make a record of the Client ID and Client Secret provided.
    Note the Client Secret will only be shown once.


Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing the GoTo Webinar Connector, the following values are used:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

Your customer will have recorded these from the GoTo Webinar developer site.

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