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This guide explains how to obtain authentication details from Iterable, as well as installing an Iterable Connector.

Setup & Authentication


To authenticate an Iterable Connector, your customer will need to do the following:

  • Obtain an API Key from Iterable.

  • Provide an API Key when installing the Connector.

Remote Setup in Iterable - performed by your customer

Your customer should go to their Iterable account and obtain an API Key.

They can do this by following the guide linked below:
Creating an API Key in Iterable

Cyclr Connector Installation

When installing an Iterable Connector within Cyclr, the only value to be provided is the cutomer’s Iterable API Key.

Additional Information

Adding custom Data Fields manually to methods

Some Iterable Connector Methods contain an optional field named dataFields which contains Key/ Value pairs specific to your Iterable integration.

To map these fields manually as custom fields, follow the Cyclr instructions on mapping custom fields.

The Field location will be in the format:


For more information visit Iterable’s documentation for example Data Fields.

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