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Microsoft Teams

Partner setup

To install the Microsoft Teams Connector in Cyclr you must create an Azure Active Directory OAuth application and obtain your credentials from it.

Authentication method restrictions

OAuth 2.0 (application permissions)

When you use application permissions authentication, several of the endpoints are protected since they handle sensitive data.

You need to apply for permission to use them with this Microsoft request form.

It can take up to a week for Microsoft to approve these permissions, during which you won’t be able to use the protected methods.

The following methods are protected and only function once you have been given permission by Microsoft:

  • Messages > Get Channel Message

  • Messages > List Channel Messages

  • Messages > List Updated Channel Messages

  • Webhooks > Get Team Chats

  • Webhooks > Get Channel Chats

OAuth 2.0 (delegated permissions)

When you use delegated permissions authentication, you do not need to apply for permissions from Microsoft Teams. This is because delegated permissions authentication requires the user to consent to the permissions themselves during connector installation.

Delegated permissions authentication has restrictions to several methods:

Method category


Chats > List New and Updated User Chats
Chats > List New User Chats
Chats > List User Chats

Chats can only be listed for the currently authenticated user.

Teams > List Joined Teams

Teams can only be listed for the currently authenticated user.

Webhooks > Get Completed Call
Webhooks > Get Team Chats
Webhooks > Get Users Chats

These methods will not function.

Create an application

You need an Azure Active Directory OAuth application to authenticate the Microsoft Teams connector. For more information, see Microsoft's official documentation on how to register an application.

To create an application, from the Microsoft Azure portal:

  1. Select the portal menu.

  2. Select Azure Active Directory > App registrations > New registration.

  3. Enter the following:




Your application name.

Supported account types

Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant)

Redirect URI

Select a platform > Web > https://{Your Cyclr service domain}/connector/callback

Your Cyclr Service Domain can be found in your Cyclr console under Settings > General Settings > Service Domain.

  1. Select Register.

Get a client ID and tenant ID

From the application overview under the Essentials heading:

  • Note the value next to Application (client) ID.

  • Note the value next to Directory (tenant) ID.

Create a client secret

To create a client secret, from the application overview:

  1. Select Certificates & secrets > Client secrets > New client secret.

  2. Enter a Description and set the Expires duration.

  3. Select Add.

  4. Next to the newly created client secret, note the value under the Value heading

Enable permissions

Each endpoint requires you to enable permissions in Azure Active Directory before you can use them. For more information, see the Microsoft documentation on permissions.

To set permissions for your application, from the application overview:

  1. Under the Manage heading, select API permissions.

  2. Select Add a permission.

  3. Under the Microsoft APIs tab, select Microsoft Graph.

  4. Select Delegated permissions or Application permissions, depending on the authentication type you are using.

  5. Select the required permissions.

  6. Select Add permissions.

To set up permissions for all methods for application permissions, use the following permissions:

  • CallRecords.Read.All

  • ChannelMember.Read.All

  • ChannelMessage.Read.All

  • ChannelSettings.Read.All

  • Chat.Read.All

  • Directory.Read.All

  • GroupMember.Read.All

  • Presence.ReadWrite.All

  • TeamSettings.Read.All

  • Teamwork.Migrate.All

  • User.Read.All

To set up permissions for all methods for delegated permissions, use the following permissions:

  • ChannelMember.Read.All

  • ChannelMessage.Read.All

  • ChannelMessage.Send

  • ChannelSettings.Read.All

  • Chat.Read

  • GroupMember.Read.All

  • Presence.ReadWrite

  • TeamSettings.Read.All

  • User.Read.All

The below table lists which permissions you require for each method category and authentication type:

Method Category

Application permissions

Delegated permissions



Not supported


ChannelSettings.Read.All ChannelMember.Read.All

ChannelSettings.Read.All ChannelMember.Read.All











ChannelMessage.Read.All Chat.Read.All Teamwork.Migrate.All

ChannelMessage.Read.All Chat.Read ChannelMessage.Send








User.Read.All Directory.Read.All



CallRecords.Read.All ChannelMessage.Read.All Chat.Read.All


Cyclr setup

To set up the Microsoft Teams connector in Cyclr, go to your Cyclr console:

  1. Go to Connectors > Application Connector Library.

  2. Use the search box to find the Microsoft Teams connector.

  3. Select the Setup Required icon.

  4. Enter the below values:



Client ID

The Application (client) ID of your application.

Client Secret

The client secret of your application.

  1. Select Save Changes.

Note: If you leave any values blank, Cyclr asks for the value when you install the connector into an account. This means you can use different settings for different accounts.

Account setup

Cyclr asks you for the below values when you install the Microsoft Teams connector into an account:



Client ID

The Application (client) ID of your application.

Client Secret

The client secret of your application.

Tenant ID

The Directory (tenant) ID of your application.

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