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Sage CRM

Enabling Allow Web Service Access for SOAP methods

Several legacy methods in the Sage CRM connector target SOAP endpoints. These methods include (SOAP) in the method name to indicate this. They require Allow Web Service Access from within a Sage CRM administrator account to be set to true to function. You can do this by following Sage's documentation here. There's also a further setup guide detailing how to configure this web service once enabled here.

Some Sage CRM accounts may not have the ability to allow web service access. In this case, any methods marked (SOAP) will not function correctly.

## Cyclr setup

Setup your Sage CRM connector within Cyclr:

  1. Go to your Cyclr Console

  2. Click the Connectors menu along the top

  3. Choose Connector Library

  4. Scroll down to Sage CRM

  5. Click the Setup button

Enter the following values:

  • Base URL: Externally accessible URL of your instance. e.g. "".

  • Username: The username you use to login to your Sage CRM instance.

  • Password: The password you use to login to your Sage CRM instance.

Your Sage CRM Connector is now setup! You can test it by installing it in one of your Cyclr accounts and executing one of the methods to confirm it can return some data.

Custom Entity category

You can create custom object categories that allow you to access custom object data:

  1. On the connector setup page, select the Custom Entity category to expand it.

  2. Select the pink Copy this Category to create a Custom Object Category button.

  3. In the Specify object name field, type in the object that you want to retrieve the data from. Make sure you enter the exact name of the object, for example, Users.

  4. select Copy to create the custom object.

A dialogue appears to confirm that you created the custom object and the custom category created appears in your Methods & Fields list. You can use this to list and retrieve individual objects based on the entered name of the custom object. For more information, see the Cyclr documentation on enhanced objects.

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