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SPS Commerce

Partner Setup

First, login to your existing SPS Commerce Developer account or sign up for one.

Retrieving OAuth2 Details

  • Login to your SPS Commerce Developer Account.

  • Click "Applications" located at the top of the page.

  • If you don't have an existing app:

    • Click "Create App".

    • Enter an appropriate name and description, and then click "Save and Continue".

    • Select "Web Service Application" as the App Type and click "Save and Continue".

    • Enter the redirect URL for your Cyclr account (https://[Your Cyclr Service Domain]/connector/callback) and click "Save and Continue".

  • Click on your existing app and navigate to the "Connection Information" tab. Note down the App ID and App Secret.

Cyclr Setup

Setup your SPS Commerce App within Cyclr:

  • Go to your Cyclr Console

  • Click the Connectors menu along the top

  • Choose Connector Library

  • Scroll down to SPS Commerce

  • Click the Setup button

Enter the following values:

Client ID: The App ID that we retrieved from the "Connection Information" tab above.

Client Secret: The App Secret that we retrieved from the "Connection Information" tab above.

Your SPS Commerce Connector is now setup! You can test it by installing it in one of your Cyclr accounts and executing one of the methods to confirm it can return some data.

Get JSON Transaction

For Get JSON Transaction method, you need to add your own custom response fields. To add custom fields in the connector editor, select the + button under the Response Fields area.

For more information, see the Cyclr documentation on how to add custom fields.

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