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11th December 2023


Webhook subscriptions are updated after Step-level changes

Connector Webhook Methods using the “Create/Delete/Update Webhook Method” features ensure the remote system is updated when there’s a change.

Builder Steps now showing Description text in Step Setup

If a Step was given both a Name and a Description, the Description had stopped being shown in the Step Setup popup.

Integrations running frequently could result in overlapping executions with repeated data

Changed to prevent a second execution beginning if an existing one is still on the first Step and a Warning is logged on the Step.

Custom Connector OpenAPI importer less strict

OpenAPI definitions can now omit various required attributes, but still be imported successfully as a Custom Connector.

Scrollbar not always present when expanding Console sidebar

On a small screen, expanding part of the Console’s sidebar now adds a scrollbar so it’s simple to scroll up and down.

Connectors using NetSuite-specific OAuth now call Post Install Test Auth Method

Previously the “Post Install Test Auth” Method wasn’t called on a Connector when it used the NetSuite-specific implementation of OAuth.

4th December 2023


Internal database script changes

Resolves issues with inferred collation.

Removed internal retry process code

Queueing system changes have resulted in that code now being obsolete.


Added 2 new Utility Connectors:

  • Global Counter Storage - holds “counters” that can be incremented/decremented.

  • Cycle Counter Storage - holds Cycle-specific “counters” that can be incremented/decremented.

Documentation on these can be found here

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