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17th June 2024


Builder > Delay Step - map a Field to the Delay value

Previously you could only set a fixed value on a Delay Step, but now you can map a Field from a previous Step, allowing Delays to vary based on your data.

New Delay Steps will automatically provide this option, but existing Delay Steps must be Updated through their Step Setup popup to provide it.

Builder > Step Errors/Step Warnings - mark just the first page or all pages as “Read”

Reviewing Step Errors and Step Warnings is simpler as you can now view each page and mark just that page as “Read” before viewing the next page. Alternatively, you can mark all Errors or Warnings on a particular Step as “Read”.


Templates - promoting Cycles to latest Release keeps existing run times

When promoting a new Template Release to existing Cycles, the next run time of the Cycles is now retained.

Templates > Importing - correctly handles Custom Object Category Steps

If an exported Template used Steps from a Custom Object Category, in some situations an error was being encountered when importing it.

Cyclr API > Creating a Custom Object Category - Method property in Response always populated

Using the Cyclr API endpoint POST /v1.0/account/connectors/{accountConnectorId}/customcategories to create a new Custom Object Category on an installed Connector that wasn’t using the latest Connector Release previously returned an empty Method property in the Response.

Cyclr API > Installing a Connector - default AuthenticationType now used

When using the Cyclr API endpoint POST /v1.0/connectors/{id}/install to install a Connector which has multiple AuthenticationTypes defined, if no AuthenticationId property is specified in the call the default AuthenticationType is now assumed.

JSON data deserializing - improved handling when invalid characters present

When deserializing JSON content, Cyclr would previously record a Step Error when invalid characters were encountered.

Internal Task Processing - performance enhancements

Reduced memory usage when Cyclr processes some internal tasks.

3rd June 2024


Partner Console - new Notifications feature for Task Usage

You can now receive email notifications if your overall Task Usage reaches certain levels of your Monthly Task Allowance, allowing you to take action to investigate the cause before incurring additional charges.
See this article for more on the Notifications feature


Partner Console - performance improvements

Updates to the Console’s Dashboard and Report pages to improve performance when retrieving reporting data.

Builder > Step Setup - Templates' User Configurable flag states saved when no value provided

When editing a Template, the state of the User Configurable flag within Step Setup is now saved without requiring a value. Previously, changing the flag would be ignored if no value was provided.

Builder > Switch Tool - better handling of boolean values

Issues could previously be encountered when using boolean values on a Switch Step.

Cyclr API - OAuth Connectors no longer auto-upgraded to latest Release

If installing a Connector that’s authenticated using OAuth and you follow the process described here to have your customer authenticate it, the Release used by that Connector will no longer be automatically upgraded to the latest - the Release you installed is the Release that is retained after authentication.

Cyclr API - GET /v1.0/steps/{id}/fieldmappings endpoint includes “Location” property

The GET /v1.0/steps/{id}/fieldmappings endpoint now includes a "Location" property for each Field in its Response to indicate where data is located in a Request or Response.

Custom Connectors - improved handling of missing Methods

If a Custom Connector uses the “Post Install Property Value Lookup Method” or “Post Install Test Auth Method" settings and their referenced Method is renamed or removed, Cyclr will update or remove it.

Account Connector > Generate Setup Token - improvements to validation

Some improvements to the Console User’s interface in how options are shown and validated when using the Connector’s “Generate Setup Token” feature to obtain details to then send on to an end-user.

Accounts > Custom Connectors - interface improvements

Custom Connectors created at the Account-level are now organised in the same way as those created at the Partner Console-level.

Cycle Execution - more robust

Cycle execution is now more robust and will automatically recover in the rare event an invalid Cycle is encountered or a logging issue occurs.

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