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Partner Console

To view the Partner Account Details page, go to your Cyclr console and select Settings > Account Information.

Contact details

Under the Contact Details section, you can enter, view, and edit your contact details. Remember to select Save at the bottom of the page to save any changes you make.

Note: If you select the Share Partner Group Details checkbox, any other partners in your partner group can view your contact details.

Price plan information

Under the Price Plan Information, the page also displays information about your current price plan:




The name of your price plan.

Included Tasks

The number of tasks included.

Tasks Used in Billing Period

The tasks you used as a number and as a percentage of your included tasks.

Included Connectors

The number of connectors included.

Connectors in Use

The number of connectors that you are currently using.

Custom Connectors Enabled?

True if your plan permits you to create custom connectors.

Embedded Marketplace Enabled

True if your plan gives you access to our embedded Marketplace.

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