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About Cyclr

Once you connect your application to Cyclr, you can use the hundreds of available application connectors and tools available through Cyclr to build fully integrated automation workflows in minutes - these workflows are cycles. You can embed these cycles in your application without Cyclr branding.


In your Cyclr console, you can create as many user accounts as you need; typically, each account has a one to one relationship with an account in your application.

There are multiple access levels you can give people with Cyclr. User accounts give restricted access to specific accounts, while console administrators have full access to your Cyclr console and can view all accounts.

Note: If you have a private instance, the private instance administrator can access all consoles in the instance.


Cyclr provides hundreds of connectors for specific applications, as well as utility connectors and tools.

Cycle templates

The Cyclr builder allows you to use these connectors to create low code integrations with drag and drop elements. You can create these integrations as template cycles, or as a cycle directly in an account.

Embed Cyclr

There are four deployment options you can use to deliver these cycles to your users in your application: use the API, use service led deployment, use Marketplace, or use the LAUNCH workflow.

Cyclr API

If you don’t want to work with cycles, you can also use Data on Demand to perform requests and provide solutions directly to your users.


For an explanation, or more information on Cyclr specific terms, you can go to the Glossary page.

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