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You can build Templates in Cyclr that can then be either manually installed into your client’s Accounts or offered to clients for self-installation.

When you select the ‘Design New Template’ option from within Templates > Template Library you will be taken directly to Cyclr’s builder tool. In order to keep your Cyclr’s console tidy and well organised the first thing that you are recommended to do is to give the Template a good name.

Once you have at least one Template built or in-progress then you will see these shown in a list view when you go to the Template Library. Options against each of the Templates in the list allow you to:



Edit / View

This takes you into Cyclr’s integration builder to either edit or view the latest Template Release.

If the Release is a Draft, you’ll be able to edit it.


Shows all Releases of a Template.

Move Template

Select to see a list of Folders you can move the Template into.

Upgrade Installed Integrations

Upgrades Cycles in your Accounts that were installed from the Template.

Delete Template

Places the Template into the Console’s Recycle Bin where it can then be completely removed.

Deleting a Template will NOT affect Cycles in your Accounts that were installed from the Template.

Published / Unpublished

To enable a Template to be installed into an Account - whether through the “Templates” button within an Account or through the LAUNCH and Marketplaces features - set this to Published.

Tagging Templates

You can add Tags to your Templates through the list view. These Tags are used by LAUNCH to choose which Templates are presented to a specific client. The LAUNCH API call can request that only Templates tagged in a particular way are presented for installation.

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