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21st May 2024


Cyclr API - GET /v1.0/connectors endpoint includes ReleaseVersion property

When calling the GET /v1.0/connectors Cyclr API endpoint, each Connector’s ReleaseVersion is now included in the information returned.

Connectors > Authentication - null handling for OAuth 2.0 token Responses

Some APIs may return null values rather than empty strings in an OAuth 2.0 Token Response so those can now be handled.

Builder > Mergefields - no longer able to merge Connector-level Parameters marked as “sensitive”

To improve security, it’s no longer possible to use Mergefields on an integration’s Step to insert passwords and other values that are marked as being “sensitive”.

Builder > Connectivity Tools - Quick Connector’s “HTTP Request” Step issue with OAuth 1.0 auth

Resolved an issue when using OAuth 1.0 authentication with the Quick Connector’s “HTTP Request” Step.

7th May 2024


Account User Interface - Switch and Connectivity Tools now available

The Switch and Connectivity Tools have now been added to Cyclr’s end-user interface as used by Account Users.

Previously, Cycles that used those tools could only be viewed or edited by Console Users having accessed an Account through their Cyclr Partner Console.

Cyclr API > Data on Demand - new endpoint that simplifies the passing of values

When calling a Connector Method through Cyclr’s API, there’s a new endpoint that allows values to be provided without needing to lookup Id values of Parameters, Mergefields and RequestFields.

More on that can be found here.


Builder - Connectivity Tools' HTTP Request Step shows Name

A Step using an HTTP Request from the Connectivity Tools now correctly shows its name within the Builder when it first loads.

Builder > Switch Tool - multiple cases can connect to the same Step

The Switch Tool now allows multiple Switch cases to connect to the same destination Step and passes Transaction data through correctly.

LAUNCH > Templates - Variables changing display order

When installing a Template through LAUNCH or Marketplaces, if it contains multiple Variables to display to the user, the order they are shown in now doesn’t change.

Console > Templates - importing a Template that uses Custom Object Categories issue

Resolved an issue where a Template using Methods from a Custom Object Category couldn’t be exported and imported successfully.

Internal Efficiency - Cycle Task Usage improvement

Changes made to improve the efficiency of Task Usage data being logged.

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