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Custom Service Domains

Using your own domain as a Cyclr Service Domain

To use your own domain as Cyclr Service Domain, follow these steps:

  • You must provide us with an SSL certificate and its Private Key for the domain you wish to use with Cyclr, e.g., which we will install on our web servers. Ensure your certificate meets our requirements.

  • You must create a CNAME DNS record pointing to the Cyclr Instance your Console is hosted on. If you’re on the US Instance for example, that will be Get in touch if you’re not sure.

  • Contact Cyclr Support once the above tasks have been completed and we’ll perform the necessary setup on your Cyclr Console.

  • You will need to provide details of a new SSL certificate before the existing one expires (we plan to make this less manual in future).

Changing your Service Domain will change the domain used in Callback URLs and webhook URLs so should be updated in any external OAuth apps and third-party systems.

Your “default” Service Domain will continue to function for inbound webhook requests and the User Login Page, if enabled.

If you have a custom Service Domain enabled, it will show in your Console under Settings > General Settings along with your “default” Service Domain:

Benefits of a custom Service Domain

Google verification

Google doesn’t verify third party domains so you need to set up a custom domain for Google to verify your application.

Removes “cyclr” from Webhook and Callback/Redirect URLs

The domain set as your Cyclr Console’s Service Domain is used for Webhook URLs as well as Callback/Redirect URLs for Connectors using OAuth authentication. It may therefore be seen by your own customers. Because of this you may wish to change it to your own domain to remove mentions of Cyclr.

Avoids issues with how some web browsers handle third party cookies

The Safari web browser and Chrome Incognito windows restrict access to third party cookies, causing errors when displaying Cyclr in an iframe to your users.

You can avoid these by using a Service Domain which is a subdomain of the domain hosting your web application.

SSL Certificate Requirements

In order to successfully create a custom Service Domain we require:

  • a single, full-chain SSL certificate for your chosen domain.

  • its Private Key.

This must have been issued from a recognised certificate authority (CA), such as Comodo or RapidSSL. These CAs typically provide a certificate that is valid for 12 months from when it was created and can be provisioned via your chosen DNS provider, e.g. GoDaddy and

We do not support SSL certificates issued by Let's Encrypt as they expire after only 3 months.

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